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RecycleMania challenges campus

As of Monday, Case has been hit with RecycleMania. No, I am not referring to one of the sci-fi movies that Film Society sponsored this past weekend. I am calling attention to the 10-week recycle/reduce competition among universities in which students stimulate their campus communities to recycle more and reduce their waste. Admittedly, mania sounds intriguing, but is an intense 10-week recycling binge the answer to alternative energy debates? Will it subdue climate change effects?

I doubt the leaders of this competition believe recycling will answer all of our energy problems, but I do believe building awareness and promoting lifestyle changes are things that they have in mind. The competition focuses on students adjusting their wasteful habits to more sustainable tactics, such as recognizing recyclable items and reducing their overall consumption. In order to stay competitive in this event, students will be forced to be innovative and think of unique ways to motivate the entire Case c…