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It doesn't get any more local than your own home

NYT>Home and Garden>Preventing Heat From Sneaking Out of the House

Weatherstrip your door utilizing a rubber door sweep.
As an urbanite living in an apt. most appropriately described as "livable" in regards to its size, most of Tedeschi's article on weatherproofing a house does not apply to me. A house with an attic and basement? --I'll pass. However, Tedeschi provides a couple valuable weatherproofing tips that too applies to an urbanites apt.:

If your doorway lacks adjustable thresholds, install a rubber door sweep (about $7 at Home Depot).Weatherstripping, is also a must, for doors and windows. Mr. Gfeller prefers stripping of various thicknesses (the labels say whether they’re designed for doorways or windows); Frost King’s cost about $4 to $7 a package. Mr. David prefers V-shaped stripping (about $4 from Frost King); this type, he said, breaks down less easily than foam.
Thanks for the tips, Pragmatist. This would be the first step in retrofitting my apt. Howe…

New title, improved blog

I've decided after months, maybe it's already been a year-- this blog needs life. I need to breathe some liveliness into my personal blog.

With my nouveau title "From Scratch," I will scour news sites and blogs for the latest in all aspects of environmental news and present them to you as I find appropriate.

The format of my posts will be as follows:
A) A link to the article or write-up
B) My personal commentary
C) The core values of the topic that one should digest

There you have it. Now, let's try this out.