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Back by popular demand

Due to an uptick in requests for new blog posts, (I mean, it's only been like, two years) I'm starting this thing up again. You could say I'm starting 'from scratch', but that would only be true in one sense.

Back to the point- this post is on 'From Scratch' but I'm going in a new direction. In the past two years, and perhaps even longer than that, I've realized that sustainability and environmentalism isn't reading or writing an article, or recycling, it's a way of life. It's an adaption of a mindset and habits. Thus, I'd like to focus my blog on a new concept- I propose "One/Day" or "One a Day", like the women's vitamin, but not in vitamin form. I'm going to post at least one new thing I learn, discover, re-learn, or just want to share with you guys. There will be less of an emphasis on sustainability or green-ness, and more of an emphasis on a life pro tip to share. Less pressure = more creativity, righ…