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Still newsy: not so powerful plants

May.18.2011 (started this post then, finishing it now)

Regardless of what I perceived as a waning interest in the Fukushima Daiichi March metldown, I admit, in these past weeks I've observed a variety of Fukushima-focused articles, editorials and news reports all pertaining to nuclear technology and its future potential.

Nuclear-centric news and media attention has been a long time coming. Considering how energy resources and the future of energy production -ranging from topics debating oil vs coal- are now consistently on the media radar, active nuclear power plants, as well as planned nuclear power plants should have been part of this energy discussion the whole time.

It is sad that Japan's tragedy was the source of renewed nuclear discussions (pros and cons), but it means so much that we are now engaging discourse. Yes, I am part of this new hype as well-- I rarely discussed nuclear power in any of my newspaper articles, blog entries or even in discussion among friends. In m…