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More than two months later, it may not make headline news, but Fukushima repercussions are still relevant

Updates on the Fukushima Daiichi power plant melt downs haven't made front page news in some time now.  The imminent threat and its trickle effects is no longer breaking news. And this is the reality of most environmental disasters such as BP's Gulf oil spill, and more recently, how about those twisters that ravaged the South? 
However,  I do gratefully and praisingly note that if I search, I can still find updates on the responses to Japan's radiation exposure, and the state of effected residents. These updates may be on the back burner- err- back pages, but they exist. 
Check out the WSJ's Asia-Japan section for updates on radiation effects on both affected residents and Tepco workers. Though much of its content is subscriber exclusive, the WSJ is doing an excellent job of covering the diaster from multiple perspectives as well as reporting on the difficulties in assessing blame and liabilities. Of course much of the reporting is on Japan's meltdown is necessary a…