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One More! New HGTV article published: The 10 Greatest Cycling Cities in America

Dear readers,

I have one more "10 Best" article under my sleeve, and this one is "The 10 Greatest Cycling Cities in America." I love that I was able to write about alternative modes of transportation for HGTV online. It's a topic I am certainly passionate about, and I think there is significance to being able to reach a broad audience through HGTV's network and strong online presence. A lot of in-depth research went into these articles, and I interviewed some really awesome advocates and cyclers.

The article is copy/pasted below, including a link to the published article on HGTV's website. If you're into slideshows, I would highly recommend reading the article directly on the site.


The 10 Greatest Cycling Cities in America
As oil prices rise and it becomes increasingly challenging to fit daily exercise into our busy schedules, cycling as a mode of transportation a…

New HGTV article published: The 10 Greatest Cities for Mass Transportation

Hello readers,

The article I wrote on mass transit a few months ago is finally up and published on the HGTV website! It looks snazzy and is jam-packed with good information. Check it out, maybe your city made it on my list. A copy of the article is shown below, but I would highly recommend clicking on the link to read and view it as a slideshow.


The 10 Greatest Cities for Mass Transportation

Mass transit is making a comeback: In 2011, Americans took 10.4 billion trips on buses, trains and light-rail systems. Want to be a part of the mass transportation trend? Consider moving to one of these 10 cities with superb mass transportation systems.

New York Metro Area

The country's most widespread mass transportation system with a strong network more than 100 years old, New York City's mass transit services take commuters and visitors to all ends of the city, as well as its surrounding areas. Con…