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My articles for the recently debuted HGTV Remodels website

I have written a couple articles for the recently debuted HGTV Remodels website, and would like to share these helpful articles with you, dear readers. The two articles are on solar panel installation for homeowners— regarding the monetary, societal, and structural costs, and your solar system options.

Interested in beyond just the in-depth, thoughtfully researched article? I'm also including links to the HGTV Remodels website so you can peruse through the awesome pics and watch some great supplementary videos.

Exploring Solar Energy Options:

The True Cost of Solar Energy:

Exploring Solar Energy Options
Solar energy systems are now more varied, reliable and cost-effective, and solar energy can be harnessed to power almost anything under the sun. With growing usage, this renewable source of energy will have a major benefic…