To everyone who insists that oil in the Gulf has completely dispersed...

and all is well, equilibrium has been achieved: maybe you're wrong!

Gulf Oil Plume Is Not Breaking Down Fast, Research Says

Really, how could an oil rupture of that capacity be completely dispersed after just a couple weeks of containment? Either way, food for thought. It is politically sound to insist that the Gulf will be a safe haven again soon enough, but it just does not make sense. Oil oozed into the Gulf for months, and it only take a few weeks of ocean tides and additional bacteria to turn the area back to normal? It's inane; and what about the flooding in the South? Will the heavy rains have an affect on the state of the Gulf? Always; flooding has a substantial affect on the nearby bodies of water. I know that in Los Angeles it's unwise to go near the popular beach/sewer drainage spots right after heavy rainfall.


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