The Future of Food

Readers, have you heard about Seattle's planned public food forage plot? This is really interesting and exciting stuff. Could this be the U.S.' solution to a better food marketplace? Or are we just reverting back to our hunter-gatherer instincts?

Seattle's public food forage plot seems a bit more sophisticated than simply exploring the wild for edible plants. It's interesting to contemplate all the different forms of acquiring food in today's world. For most people, the most conventional and only source for food are supermarkets/farmer's markets. There is also the smaller group of dumpster divers, also known as Freegans. Other forms of acquiring food? Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSAs) could be considered one, in which a household pre-pays for a bundle of produce from a particular farm, received on a weekly basis.

And what of the purpose of the food forage plot? According to the above-linked NPR article, it is to increase self-reliance and get together people in the working-class neighborhood- to give people a place to congregate. I wish the main purpose were to change the extremely corrupt, monopolized, and convoluted American food system (see: massive farming corporations and immense government farming subsidies.) I look forward to checking out the forage plot and observing how the neighborhood reacts to this potentially amazing resource. 


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