Obama is like a Prius: Green, but ultimately runs on gas

Obama may have just recently proposed new emissions standards regulating carbon dioxide released by new power plants, but he's also just promised to increase domestic oil drilling, expressing his support for advancing the potentially detrimental Oklahoma oil pipeline, on his energy tour last week. So where exactly does Obama stand? On the one hand, the new emissions standards would limit the CO2 emissions of all new power plants, yet he also wants to speed up construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

While speaking on an oil field in New Mexico on March 21, Obama acknowledged recent research findings concluding that increased domestic oil drilling has not lead to lower gas prices.
 "A recent independent analysis showed that over the last 36 years, there has been no connection between the amount of oil that we drill in this country and the price of gasoline," Obama said. "There's no connection." (USA Today) 
Keystone XL oil pipeline to run from Gulf Coast to Oklahoma.  | AP Photo

I think the term journalists like to use is "wishy washy." If Obama's proposed emissions standards for new power plants actually goes into play, this could have substantial long term effects on air quality and global warming. Likewise, the Keystone XL oil pipeline's environmental effects will also have lasting effects but in the form of environmental degradation.


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