A New First: Bike Touring

Last weekend, friends and I bike toured from Portland to the Salem area. In sum:

Portland to Willamette Mission State Park Camp Ground, 50 miles
Willamette Camp Ground to friend of a friend's farm, 20 miles
Friend of a friend's farm to Beaverton Max station, 55 miles

We left Portland Friday morning around 10am, just as the temperature crept on 80. By the time we made it out of the metro area, the weather was a solid 95 and dry. Can we get a breeze here? Alas, our only source of refreshment came out of our warm, warm water bottles. 

Overall, it was a great first-time bike/camping tour. We made great time, didn't run low on water/food, and our bikes powered through just as smoothly as our quads. I would highly recommend the campsite, especially if you're camping via boat, as camp site fees are waived for the floaties. 

Our first stop of the ride after climbing hundreds of feet. Morale was still high.

The Butteville cafe/store! Our first official re-fill stop. I will be
eternally grateful for their air conditioner and lemony water.

Willamette Mission State Park Bike camp site. The camp site
was fully equipped with bike racks and drinkable water, a haven
indeed. Good to note: Willamette State Park only allows
"alternative" camping, including group camping,
bike and hike, horse camping, and boat camping.
No cars! No prob!

Unloading the panniers/bungeed items.

Another friend met up with us at the camp site in the A.M.
Day 2: Wine tasting at a small Salem winery. Nom Yum.


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